Thursday, October 26, 2006

Don't Try This At Home...

That's the warning this teacher is giving to homeschool parents.

Critics of homeschooling say it is impossible for a parent to know how to teach a wide array of subjects without training.

"We are professionals," Dianne Birdwell, a high school history teacher, said...

"We know how to teach and you need to be their parents."

You know, with all the homework students have to do to make adequate yearly progress, shouldn't they stay in school where the "experts" can help them with that too? It's a travesty that these poor children have to leave the experts every evening to go home to their untrained, unprofessional, ignorant parents for help completing their unfinished assignments.

But as USA Today reports, school administrators aren't content to exercise their authority only on the school campus. They are extending it right into the children's home. They are punishing and expelling children for what they write on their blogs using their home computers. Said one parent,
"If they spend as much time teaching as they spend telling parents how to parent, maybe we'd have smarter kids coming out of their schools,"
Why do parents tolerate this? Two words, Outsourcing Parenthood.

In my follow-up post, Recess or Funding, you can see exactly how these "experts" really make their decisions. (It's not "for the children" as they want you to believe.)

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