Monday, October 02, 2006

Code White

Code white is the warning that is issued when there is a serious situation and possible blood shed in a building. We've had "code white" alerts issued at three different schools in less than a week's time. First Colorado, then Wisconsin, and now today in a one-room Amish school in rural Pennsylvania.
A gunman opened fire at an Amish school in rural Pennsylvania on Monday, shooting and killing three girls and wounding seven others before killing himself, police said.
How many more times does it have to happen before parents begin to understand that the problem isn't getting better, it's getting worse?
"If this is some kind of a copycat, it's horrible and of concern to everybody, all law enforcement," said Monte Gore, undersheriff of Park County, Colo.
Update: From another news story,

Roberts was not Amish and appeared to have nothing against the Amish community, iller said. Instead, Miller said, he apparently picked the school because it was close by, there were girls there, and it had little or no security.

From the suicide notes and telephone calls, it was clear Roberts was "angry at life, he was angry at God," Miller said. And it was clear from interviews with his co-workers at the dairy that his mood had darkened in recent days and he had stopped chatting and joking around with fellow employees and customers, the officer said.

Bob Allen, a clerk at a bookstore in the Amish country tourist town of Intercourse, said residents see the area as being safe and the Amish as peaceful people. "It just goes to show there's no safe place. There's really no such thing," he said.

Kenneth Trump, president of the National School Safety and Security Services consulting firm in Cleveland, said the Colorado and Pennsylvania crimes underscore the lesson that no school is automatically safe from an attack.

"These incidents can happen to a one-classroom schoolhouse to a large urban school," he said. "The only thing that scares me more than an armed intruder in a school is school and safety officials who believe it can't happen here."

And this underscores the reason we homeschool.

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