Saturday, October 07, 2006

Assumptions That Affect This Blog

It occurred to me the other day after reading a few comments that readers may be coming here with some flawed assumptions. Their ability to understand and enjoy what is written could be severely hampered and they could reach some equally flawed conclusions. Let's examine a few of them,

Assumption #1
I blog to try and convince people to homeschool.
Let me publically state again, I am not a homeschool evangelist. (I explain that more in this post.) I didn't start this blog to try and convert people to homeschooling. I believe that if someone can talk you into something, someone else can talk you out of it. I hope people base their decisions on the Truth found in God's word not on the words of a blogger. I will help all who are looking for information on education and homeschooling, but I don't make it my life's purpose or the practice of this blog to convince you to do anything. If you are interested, my actual reasons for starting this blog can be found here and here.

Assumption #2
I will be fair and balanced when I discuss education.
Coming to SpunkyHomeschool and asking me to promote the public schools would be like asking Pizza Hut to give you a taco. It ain't gonna happen. So if you're a public school parent looking for encouragement in your decision, you're barking up the wrong blog. You'll leave frustrated and maybe even angry. My blog is a personal space where I write the things that I believe about education and challenge myself to examine for areas of weakness. It helps me grow. If I only kept my opinions to myself, then there would be no growth for me. And besides, are anyone's opinions fair and balanced?

Assumption #3
Post or comments are said in a harsh and critical tone.
This is actually something I apply to all blog reading. I never assume anyone's tone is harsh or critical. As best as I humanly can, I attempt to read all comments objectively without any emotion at all. I assume ALL things people share with me are said kindly. Otherwise, I would always be using their tone as an excuse not to hear the TRUTH they may be sharing. I take what they tell me back to the Lord in prayer. The kernal of Truth that the Lord wants me to hear will become known, and the rest will fall like chaff to the ground.

This practice keeps me concentrating on WHAT someone is saying regardless of HOW they say it. I have found that some of the people that at first seemed the harshest in their words to me, were the ones who actually cared the most. They cared enough to tell me the TRUTH. This helps me concentrate on the words spoken and not how they are said.

That's actually why I enjoy blogging and the exchange of ideas so much. People will tell me exactly what they think. I'm challenged and I hope they are as well.

I write with a bit of sarcasm and humor. (Okay maybe a bit more than a bit of sarcasm.) And I'll admit that some of the things I write are oten hard to hear, but they are never written in an angry or harsh tone. I hope that readers can accept that as true, in the same way as I accept that their comments are said in a similar way.

Now with that cleared up, I hope we can both enjoy our experience here at SpunkyHomeschool.

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