Friday, September 15, 2006

The Working Homeschooler

Most of us who homeschool consider it a full time job. Others who work full time rarely consider homeschooling because of the demands of the job. There are some however who are blendng full time work with homeschooling.

From 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day, Shari Smith, who works about 60 hours a week as an online-community moderator for the Web site, also home-schools her 11-year-old daughter Rebekah. Working side by side with Rebekah at adjacent desks in their Yorktown, Va., home, Ms. Smith takes 15- to 30-minute breaks from her job to explain concepts and answer questions. Each evening, she sets aside time to prepare her daughter's assignments for the next day.
The article also featured Art Robinson founder of the Robinson Curriculum. He continued to successfully homeschool his six children after his wife died of cancer. Currently, they have an estimated 60,000 students enrolled in their program. Many of them working homeschoolers.

Working homeschool mom Lisa Wood had this to say,

"Some people say, 'Wow, you've taken on a lot,'" says Ms. Wood, who lives in Esmont, Va. "But then I watch people whose kids go to school, and that's a lot too -- hustling to get them out early to the bus, dealing with issues with the school." She adds, "Either way, educating a child is demanding."
It truly is. My hats off to these families who make homeschooling work while working.

(Thanks to my hubby for the article.)

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