Saturday, September 09, 2006

Outsourcing Parenthood Revisited

In one of my earliest posts Outsourcing Parenthood I wrote,

We are outsourcing parenthood.

Parents are knowingly giving the job of raising their children over to another.

No parent would readily admit this of course. But the increased reliance on day care, before school, and after school programs demonstrates something else.

When I was growing up we all went home for lunch. Then in the schools began to take on that responsibility. The parents were thankful. Then the schools began to provide clinics. The parents were thankful. Then the schools began to teach health. The parents were thankful. The schools began to teach sex ed. The parents were thankful. The schools began to parent for them. The parents were thankful.

The latest example of outsourcing parenthood is from the UK,

Free condoms should be handed to children - possibly as young as 12 - in sports malls, shops and swimming baths, Government advisers suggested yesterday.

They also called for five-year-olds to have compulsory "relationship lessons" to drive down the number of pregnant youngsters.

Detailed discussion of sex would be compulsory for children of 11 and over and there should be lessons on abortion.

Current lessons left pregnant teenagers ill-equipped to "assess abortion as an option", the report says.

Parents don't let the government steal your child's innocence. Personal convenience is a poor reason to let the government parent for us. God has given us these children. We must take that responsibility seriously. Society may make it easy to outsource parenthood but God will still hold us accountable.

You can read the whole essay, Outsourcing Parenthood here.

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