Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Out Of The Mainstream

In a feeble attempt to appear fair and balanced here at SpunkyHomeschool, I occassionally give unequal time to opposing viewpoints on education. Todays opinion comes from Mainstream Baptist. Responding to the recent press about Roger Moran's call to exit the public schools he writes,
The demonization of our public schools as being "the enemies of God" must stop. Baptists such as Roger Moran must realize that public schools promote civic responsibility, a common bond in society and provide for equal opportunity for a good life. Moran and other Baptists must heed the Baptist Center for Ethics call to recommit (commit?) themselves to our nation's founding principle of "E Pluribus Unum" because a "society based on unity of diversity will embrace every child and recognize the vital role public schools play in achieving national unity."
Thank you Mainstream Baptist.

That concludes our guest post and any attempt to be fair and balanced. We will now resume regular blogging.

The Spunky Response:
Leaving aside the idea that the public schools promote civic responsibility, etc...When will our "mainstream Baptist" friends quit promoting a system that is against the Lord our God. I'm not saying they have to join the call for an exit strategy; I have a few issues with that myself. But certainly they can muster up a little energy in defense of parents who are seeking to obey the Scripture.
Luke 11:23: He who is not with Me is against me and He who does not gather with me scatters.
According to Scripture, there is no neutral ground. You're either for the Gospel or against it. The schools attempt to appear neutral doesn't work for the Christian parent. God has not given parents the luxury of being neutral in the discipleship of our children. This is includes the schools that we allow influence our children's lives. That's a hard lump to swallow in our "tolerant" age.

Blog the Capital had a post recently on a similar topic. Responding to efforts to have students study the Bible as literature in the public schools Don Byrd wrote,
In itself the idea of using Scripture as a public school text sounds questionable enough to me.
There really isn't much of a question actually. Fisher Aimes wrote

We have trouble in the classrooms, we are putting in new text books. Nothing wrong with new books but we are spending more time on them than the Bible; it is drifting to the back of the classroom. We cannot tolerate this in American education. The Bible's morals are pure, its examples are captivating and noble.
Mr. Byrd and Mainstream Baptist may be surprised to find out it wasn't Bruce Shortt or Roger Moran who penned these words. In fact, these words were written in Palladium Magazine in 1801 by Fisher Aimes.

"Who's he and why should we care what he says?" Fisher Aimes is the author of the First Ammendment.

So I must ask, "Who really is "mainstream"?

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