Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Educational Moment

I can't enter the "Capture the Educational Moment" contest, but here would be my entry if I could. It's a conversation between me and my two year old daughter, Elaina.

Elaina would peek in the bathroom and ask, "Mom, what's that on the mirror?"

I'd reply, "Condensation. That's what happens when the warm air from the shower meets the cold mirror."

"Oh. And what are you putting in your hair?"

I would answer, "Gel. It keeps my hair in place."

This same conversation was repeated just about every day for a month.

Then last week she once again peeked into the bathroom but instead of asking her usual question she shouted, "Look mom! Condensation. That's when the warm air meets the cold mirror." She narrated it back to me perfectly.

"You're right! You remembered what I taught you."

"Yep. And you put Jello in your hair every morning too, just like Jason."

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You have until Friday to enter the contest for a chance to win a digital camera courtesy of Academic Superstore.

Update: I will also give people double the chance of winning by sharing two stories. Just make sure that you leave a second comment here.

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