Monday, September 04, 2006

More on eBay

I was contacted by a reporter for a major news service inquiring about eBay and their new policy on teachers editions. She asked a few questions I was uncertain about, so I told her I would ask here to see if others knew the answers.

1. Is there a boycott of eBay planned by homeschoolers due to the recent policy change?

2. Does anyone know who or what was the catalyst for the new policy? Was it a school or a book publisher?

By the way, Another site to add to the your list of possible eBay alternatives is They are just getting started but they seem to be set up in a similar format to eBay.

It looks like HSDLA might be getting into the reselling business. However, it is going to be members only.
Smith believes the Home School Legal Defense Association's new online trading service will help members answer their needs for cost-effective exchange of instructional materials, including the buying and selling of much-needed teacher's guides. By allowing the resale of these instructor's editions and guides through private, affiliates-only auctions, the HSLDA spokesman asserts, "we can have assurance that the folks who are buying them are members, and we know they're responsible."
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