Friday, September 08, 2006

The Mark of the Terminator

I wasn't going to blog about this but I've had a few emails asking what I think of California Governor. Arnold Schwarzenegger signing SB 1141 into law.

The law requires all businesses and groups receiving any form of state funding -- even if it's a grant for one student -- to condone homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexuality and God knows what else.There are no exceptions -- not for other religious beliefs, not for personal moral convictions, not for health reasons, not even for the possession of something increasingly rare in the Golden State: common sense.
To me, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signing this isn't a shocker. Duplicity in a politican isn't surprising. And it's not as if we couldn't see it coming. We've had warnings signs and felt the tremors in the schools for years. But Christians kept their children in the schools anyway. They believed their children could be could be "salt and light" and effect change. Now that the big earthquake has finally hit, people are shocked and outraged? However, the "salt has lost its salitness". The Governor is gambling that Christian parents will scream and holler "outrage" for a little why, but come Monday morning little Johnny will board the bus anyway. And sadly, he's probably right.

Oh, they may vote "The Terminator" out of office over this and claim victory if they do. But the battle is not with the public schools over curricula or Arnold Schwarzenegger over legislation, the battle is for the hearts of our children. Why parents are willing to concede that ground to win a few skirmishes with a politician over curricula is beyond my understanding.

I hope I'm wrong. Maybe this is the "9/11" for Christian parents in public education. Time will tell.

And I hope that California parents who enroll their children in the public online charters in the state understand that this law will affect them as well. This is just one example of why a distinction in terminology is vital to all homeschoolers.

The Governor is confidently moving on. He just signed legislation that provides preschool for low-income families despite the resounding defeat of universal preschool for all just a few months ago.

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