Saturday, September 02, 2006

Dr. Phil Wants You

Dr. Phil is looking for a few opinionated homeschoolers to be on his show.
Do you think home schooling children is the best way for them to be educated? Do you believe the home environment allows children to learn at a pace that they're most comfortable with? Do you think it's important for children to decide what subjects they're interested in so they can concentrate on what most stimulates their mind? Or do you home school your child to protect them from being teased, taunted, or bullied. If you want to tell to Dr. Phil why you have a strong opinion on home schooling, please tell us your story!!!
Don't tell it here, tell it on him on his website. If he likes what you have to say, you may get on the show. If I had strong convictions about this issue, I might even consider it myself. (wink)

(HT: Daryl)

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