Saturday, September 30, 2006

The DeVos Blog

I really think Dick DeVos could make an excellent governor for Michigan, but there are certain things I'm seeing that are starting to make me wonder how he will lead if elected. I've emailed my questions and concerns to the DeVos campaign quite a few times over the last few weeks with no response. I did speak to an aide but she couldn't answer my questions. His wife was also unable to provide any substantive answers. With Secretary Spellings voicing her desire to track students in higher education, we are at a pivotal time in education policy. The federal government wants to do this in "partnership" with the states. Is Dick DeVos willing to give up our freedom for federal funds? I don't know.

So I decided to try his blog and ask my questions publically. I left quite a few comments on his blog over the past week. I know they were received. In order to leave them you have to register on the site and respond to an email before posting. I am now receiving constant updates about the campaign. However, the comments don't seem to be making it to onto the site. If you're going to have a blog that allows comments it's because you want to interact with your readers and hear their feedback, right? Otherwise, turn the comments off. But allowing comments and only letting certain ones make it on the blog seems a bit disengenuous to me. (Are the comments that actually do make it even legitimate?) My comments weren't mean spirited. They were also on topic and pertained to the post on education. So why were they not approved? An email asking why has also been unanswered. His wife said in her talk this week that the problem with most individuals involved in government is that they don't view the people as the "customer" and they should. Well, most companies that ignored the customer would quickly go out of business. (The absurdity of her claim that we are a customer of our government duly noted.)

If you're from Michigan, maybe you could offer a little customer feedback. Try leaving them a comment and see if you do any better than me. Let me know how it goes.

Interestingly, the campaign has called numerous times over the last few weeks asking us to volunteer to help get Mr. DeVos elected. I would love to help, but I first want to make sure this is a man I want to vote for. If Republican candidates think they can just assume my vote simply because I am a conservative Christian and the alternative would be worse, they are sadly mistaken. I'm beginning to wonder if there is much a difference between the two parties anymore. Does anyone have the courage to state their convictions and what they will do BEFORE they get elected? I wonder how future candidates with a blog trail will do. It's a cinch with all I've written here, my chances of getting elected are slim to none. Not that I ever planned on running for office anyway.

As a side note, my computer has crashed. I pray it gets fixed soon. I posted three times today but it may be while before I post again. So posts may come in spurts until it is fixed.

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