Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Contest and Carnivals

If you're looking for a little variety in your blog reading, the carnivals are a great place to go.

The Median Sib hosts the Carnival of Education
Life in a Shoe hosts the Carnival of Kid Comedy
The Thinking Mother also hosts the Carnival of Homeschooling
Communication FunDamentals host the Carnival of FunSchooling

The HSLDA Court Reporter has a few articles that may be of interest: Homeschoolers Take The Field talks about homeschoolers and sports and New Tools for Homeschools explores the way technology and the internet are changing homeschooling.

Here are more contest entries in the "Capture the Educational Moment" Contest:

Homeschooling is Life by Nancy Baetz
Not Quite by Ann V.
Educational Moment...Or Two by the Ding family
Rascal a photo entry by Laurie Bluedorn
Homeschool Daze by DeeDee
Photo of the Week by Ruth Smith

If you haven't already done so, make sure you get your entry in by Friday, September 22 at midnight. Get all the details here.

We found out this week that Rosetta Stone is available at online through our library! So my computer time is being reduced even more these days. We are all learning Spanish and my son is also learning Hebrew. Hasta la vista!

Update: I'm glad I didn't buy Rosetta Stone. Daryl informs us that Rosetta Stone has gone the way of eBay. Fairfield Language Technologies has a policy that prevents individual users from reselling their software after they are done using it.

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