Monday, September 18, 2006

Capture the Educational Moment

We've had some wonderful entries in the "Capture the Educational Moment" Contest for a new digital camera. Here are a few of them,

Capturing an educational moment a photo from Deuteronomy 6
My Folly by Cindy
Environmental Education the Messy Way by Betsy
The Lie Bee by Ann
Student of the Year by Darlene

I'll feature more entries during the week. You have until this Friday to get your entry in. The contest is open to any public, private, and homeschool teacher and parent. The drawing is completely random but the entries have been fun and inspiring. So get busy and get your entry in today. Complete details are here.

Update: I will also give people double the chance of winning by sharing two stories. Just make sure that you leave a second comment here

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