Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Calling All Indiana Homeschoolers

Kelley Coures, editorial advisor for the The Courier and Express wants to talk to you. He would like to begin a dialogue on increasing regulation for homeschooling in Indiana. After citing two extreme cases of abuse he asserts,

It is the obligation of a community to ensure home- schooled children are not at risk from becoming neglect/abuse statistics, and that they be adequately prepared to thrive in the world at large in the 21st century.

If amending the rules for all saves one child from failing or worse, then let's at least discuss it.

He is soliciting opinions on a few questions to begin the discussion. My answers are in red.

- Should we amend Indiana law to require home-schooled students to take and pass objective, grade-specific exams each semester, and require proficiency in all curricula required of public school students at each grade level? No.

- Should a home-schooled child who does not meet the minimum required level of ability be required to re-enroll in an Indiana public school until that child can pass such objective tests? No.

- Should home educators be required to have minimum requirements and follow specific curricula outlines, as do the public schools, in order to adequately prepare the student for a comprehensive exam to obtain a high school diploma? No.

- Should home-schooled children's physical exams be made part of the school corporation's records, and should the children be visited by social service representatives throughout the year to evaluate their condition? No.

Testing, home visits, and re-enrolling a child previously homeschooled guarantees absolutely nothing (if it did our schools wouldn't be in the shape they are in) and at the same time jeopardizes the fundamental principles of freedom in our country.

In America, it is WE THE PEOPLE not WE THE STATE. The government works for the people. It is we who hold the state accountable not the other way around. We are the employer, the state is the employee. Asking homeschoolers to submit to state exams (physical or academic), home visits, and following specific curricula is backwards. An employee doesn't tell the boss what to do. Parents are the boss of their children's education. Sadly, most parents today don't act that way. Homeschooling parents, in general, understand their fundamental right to direct the affairs of their children unhindered by the state.

Don't let this editor's opinion shape your laws. Let your voice be heard. Write a rebuttal to the paper. If you would like further reading to spur your thoughts check out these posts,

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Big thanks to Tracy for sending me the link.

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