Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Trust and Obey

In my post Seven Habits of a Highly Effective School Year, I said that just because the calendar says September doesn't mean we have to start school. Commit your days to the Lord and be sensitve to His leading for each day. In a comment Kendra agreed and added,
Why is it that I can dole out good stuff like this to other moms but then freak out when my husband suggests we don't start school until October this year? But...but... was my initial reluctant response. I am so tainted by years of government schooling and brainwashing! Education is what happens EVERY day. Schooling is a whole different thing.
I know exactly what she's saying. I've been there....

The year was 2000. After a period of "transition" our family was finally moving forward in homeschooling again. (Read from Honeymoon to Happy Home for that story.) I was eagerly anticipating a strong start that fall. The change from summer's carefree days to a more structured fall schedule had gone amazingly well. By early September, I was happy with our routine and how things were progressing. But just as our leaves were starting to turn, my husband suggested we go visit his grandfather in southern Ohio for a long weekend.

But... but... that meant packing and driving.
But...but...that meant tired kids and a tired mom.
But... but...that meant a break in this wonderful routine!

Our plan is not always God's plan.

"Sure honey, sounds like fun. Let's do it!"

I learned the hard way about taking the lead in the home. As much as I didn't want to hit the road for Marietta, I didn't want to go back down the road toward an unhappy home even more. So we packed up and headed south.

Marietta is a charming town and so was grandpa. Despite his nearly 97 years of age, he was lively and energetic. And so were the children. Surprisingly, not one antique in the house was broken - not even grandpa.

On the last day of our visit, my husband sat down and had a long talk with him. The two had a great relationship and shared a love for many of the same things -except one. As they chatted, Steve grabbed his Bible and began to once again share with grandpa the Truth of salvation. It was all very familiar to him. At his age, I suppose very few things were actually "new". He listened to all Steve had to say while the children sat listening quietly around him. He didn't argue but he didn't exactly embrace all that was said either. After a while, grandpa looked over at me and said, "If what Steve says is true, and that I need Jesus as my Savior, you'll be the first person I call." I nodded and gave him a hug. That pretty much ended the conversation. We packed up and headed home.

A week or so later, my son (9) came to us late one evening. "Dad, you know that day you were telling Grandpa all about Jesus."

"Yes, why?"

"Well, even though grandpa didn't listen I was. While you were talking to grandpa, God was talking to me. Those stories you told him, they were for me too. I want to know Jesus."

We must be willing to submit our plan to God.

A few weeks later the phone rang. It was Steve's cousin calling to tell us that Grandpa had died peacefully in his home on his 97th birthday.


Trust in the LORD with all thine heart,
And lean not unto thine own understanding,
In all thy ways acknowledge Him,
And HE will direct thy paths.
Proverbs 3:4-5

We are called to trust and obey, HE is responsible for the outcome.

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