Saturday, August 05, 2006

The sun is shining

and the temperatures are glorious. This is NOT the time to be on the computer. I've been out enjoying the wonderful air conditioning God has naturally provided. I've caught up on the previous discussion and added a few comments there. Before I get back to the sunshine, I thought I'd post a question from Shannon,


I have homeschooled my children before. They have also been in a public school and a private school. I have decided to h/s my 13 year old son this year but my 14 yr. old daughter REALLY wants to go back to public school. #1) b/c she wants more friends (outside of her church friends) and #2)she is worried that colleges will not accept her if she was h/s....My dilema is that she is going through some teenage rebellion and I am thinking that if I send her to public school, this will get worse. But she gets so upset when I tell her that I am not sure yet where she will be attending school. She really wants to try public school again. I am needing some advice...should I let her TRY and if her behavior worsens, I can always take her out and h/s her. What do YOU think? I just don't want her to "tune out". I'd like to give her a chance, but also feel like I'm setting her up for failure there.I need some advice....anybody? Spunky?Help....

Anyone with some thoughts for Shannon? I'll post some of my own later today after the sun goes down.

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