Monday, August 07, 2006

So Much to Blog About

And so little time. Here's some interesting articles that all deserve their own post, but unfortunately, because I've spent most of the day at two different doctors, they'll only get only a brief mention today.

Respect earned but not always given, that's the title of an interesting piece written by HSLDA President Michael Smith in the Washington Times. He talks about why increased regulation of homeschoolers is unncessary, but he believes will always be an issue. In case you missed it, we had quite a lively discussion over the weekend about whether the state should regulate homeschooling. Feel free to add your thoughts.

Ministering With New Maturity, the new face of church youth group leaders. While not the exact topic of this article, youth groups continue to be a controversial issue. Are they a blessing or a curse? We've never particpated in church youth groups. I talk about why in my post The Youth Group Question which remains very popular and still gets me many emails each week.

A Nation of Wimps. Are we raising a nation of children who have never experienced failure? Karen at the Thomas Institute adds some of her thoughts.

Writing Right. My daughter, Kristin, interviewed Herb Meyer former associate editor of Fortune Magazine and author of the book, How to Write in the current issue of Regenerate Our Culture. I continue to be impressed with the quality of the work that this whole group of young people put out twice a month.

Immunizations. One homeschool family's decision not to immunize resulted in a measles outbreak in their Indiana town. Health officials are considering the options. Daryl thinks this one to watch and so do I.

Thanks for all the ideas and advice for Shannon. I still have an inbox full of question on a variety of topics. I enjoy getting the letters and encouragement that comes with each one. I hope to post more of the questions soon. Maybe I should start a new blog called Dear Spunky just devoted to these questions!

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