Saturday, August 19, 2006

Seven Habits For The School Year

Maureen is asking homeschoolers to share their Seven Secrets For A Highly Effective School Year. Here's some of mine in no particular order.

1. Begin when you're ready, not when the calendar says it's time to start. Just because the calendar says it's September doesn't mean you must begin. A week or two of extra preparation to organize things may be just the ticket to a more peaceful year. And around here, the fall is just too gorgeous to spend indoors.

2. Start with prayer. Commit your days to the Lord and be sensitve to His leading for each day. We have our plans, but He also has His. Make sure they match.

3. Talk to to your children, not just at them. It's easy to move into "drill mode" and forget that these are your children and you're their mother. A mom who constantly tells her children to "just go and do..." will eventually raise children that will want to "just go and do" anything to get out of their mom's way.

4. Be content in the moment. When you're doing an activity whether it be reading a book to the children, sitting down for a well deserved rest time, or folding laundry; don't allow yourself to become anxious about all the other things you could be doing or haven't gotten done. Trust that they'll get done soon enough and enjoy the moment.

5. Respect your children. They have thoughts and feelings too, take time to listen to them. Value their opinion and they will value yours. Respect their time. If they're really enjoying something, don't rush to the next activity just to cross it off the list.

6. Smile. Lots and lots of smiles. They're free and they do so much for the mood in the house. When momma's happy, everyone's happy. Here's a post to help you put on a grin today.

7. Teach your children how to resolve conflict on their own. The post Help! There's a Bully in My House is how we taught our children. It has made our home a lot more peaceful.

And if you're in the Detroit area here's a bonus
8. Attend the (Not) Back to School Picnic On Sept. 6. We'll be there. My husband will be doing Civil War drills. There is free food and a tail gate used book sale. It's a great way (not) to start the school year.

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