Friday, August 25, 2006

Open Blog Friday

An anonymous teacher asked,
Quick question -- You seem to have plenty of time to play on the internet and read - do you really homeschool your children?
Quick Answer: No, at this stage of the game they're schooling me. It is amazing all the things I never learned the first time around. Blogging is one of my courses. My kids say I'm getting an A+. They also give extra credit points when I get public school teachers to read and comment!

Since my "teachers" thought that was such a great question and answer, they gave me special permission to open my blog up for more questions or comments. So today is Open Blog Friday. Feel free to ask a question or comment on anything. (Within reasonable limits of course!)

Also, for some reason my bloglines didn't pick up the post Trust and Obey for me. So it probably didn't for others as well. So, I thought I'd mention it again.

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