Wednesday, August 09, 2006

News in Public Education

A School and Their Money
In an effort to give students "real world" experience, North Fork Bank plans to open a branch in the local high school, staffed by student tellers. The students are paid $11 an hour and given a clothing allowance. They will work for seven 40 hour weeks.

The goal is to help students further their skills in banking services and to promote basic finance literacy among the wider student body. The branch will have two teller stations and two customer service desks, but to make sure that students do the work, it will have no A.T.M. The branch will serve students and the high school's staff members three days a week during lunch periods. Outside customers will not be permitted.

I'm all for "real world" experience, that's why we homeschool. But there's something odd about having a bank inside of a school.

Silencing the Options
Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky, the same district that is using KidTrax, has threatened an intern with arrest for telling parents about their choices in education.
By denying me the chance to speak with this family, school-district officials not only silenced me, but showed their complete insensitivity to parents' desires. Who are they to decide what information should - or should not - reach the hands of parents?
Welcome to the nanny state. Who needs parents when you have "expert" to tell you what's right. (HT: Judy Aron)

According Bernard Gassaway, former public school principal and homeschooling father, there's a lot schools don't want parents to know.

School business is for educators, not parents. Parents need to focus more on raising their children than getting too involved in what goes on in schools."

DOE officials rely on your lack of options. They readily dismiss you because you have limited options. Private school is not an option for many. They realize the majority of families whose children attend public school fall below the poverty line and can barely afford to pay for living expenses, let alone pay for an education.

If you are a parent with a child in the public school this article is a must read. The writer has been on both sides and tells it like it is. (HT: Why Homeschool)

Carnival of Homeschooling
Parents if all of this news makes you want to homeschool, The Carnival of Homeschooling is up at the Heather's. You'll find many helpful ideas to help you get started.

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