Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Need a little motivation?

The Carnival Of Homeschooling is up at one of my favorite blogs, The Common Room.

The Back To School Edition of Regenerate Our Culture e-zine has been published. The topics include: Why School Matters, and Five Steps to a Better Homeschooling Experience, Deliberate Inspiration. This magazine is completely written and published by homeschooled teens and graduates.

Apparently, the teens who started Regenerate Our Culture are not quite the norm. According to a new survey, most teens are actually quite bored and Underwhelmed by it All.
A survey recently showed that, despite all the electronics, most teens are actually bored with it all. A new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll, the first in a series of annual entertainment surveys, finds that a large majority of the 12- to 24-year-olds surveyed are bored with their entertainment choices some or most of the time, and a substantial minority think that even in a kajillion-channel universe, they don't have nearly enough options. "I feel bored like all the time, 'cause there is like nothing to do," said Shannon Carlson,
To me, boredom is the saddest consequence of insitutionalized education. My children say a lot of things, but honestly "I'm bored." has never been one of them.

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