Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Moral Dilemma

If there were a building on fire, would you send a child in to save the stranded occupants?

NO. It wouln't be worth the risk. Instead, you send an adult fireman in to warn and evacuate the other occupants.

But a mother in Charlotte, NC wants to rally other parents to enroll their children a failing urban school in order to keep the school integrated and keep middle class families from seeking alternatives. She's baffled that she's not finding many parents taking the challenge.

Until 2002, the county used busing to maintain racial balance at its schools. When the courts shelved busing, and it was replaced by neighborhood schools, magnets became the district's key integration tool.

That approach leaves parents with a choice, and, for some, a painful moral dilemma: Do we risk our children's education in hopes of bettering a struggling neighborhood school? Or do we find the best school and risk appearing elitist or even racist?

Most are opting out. It's not elitist or racist to want your child to get a good education. They are your children, not social guinea pigs or agents of social justice. Isn't it about time we admit this fire has gone on too long? It's time to evacuate and just tear the building down so no more children get burned.

In a related story, another school district is offering incentives to teachers who convince students to enroll in the local public school. The program specifically targets "drop-outs" and homeschoolers. Quoting the superintendant of the district,
"Education is more than learning in books," Moore said about the home-schooling options, adding the social aspects of school are important as well.
You're exactly right Mr. Moore, and that's one reason why we homeschool. (HT: Daryl)

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