Friday, August 25, 2006

He Said, She Said

Forbes carried an interesting point / counterpoint on marriage.

Michael Noer said,

Guys: A word of advice. Marry pretty women or ugly ones. Short ones or tall ones. Blondes or brunettes. Just, whatever you do, don't marry a woman with a career.
But that set working women in a tizzy. So they brought in Elizabeth Corcoran. She said,

So guys, if you're game for an exciting life, go ahead and marry a professional gal.
Sorry Ms. Corcoran, but Mr. Noer won this debate in our home. We're encouraging our boys to follow his advice with the addition that they also marry a Christian. An we're encouraging our daughters to choose home when their heart is swept away by the man of their dreams. I'm sure that sounds pretty narrow minded, but it's the way we see it. A house divided cannot stand.

And I have to say, our lives are pretty exciting as well.

We may not be "beaching it" in Maui, or "hitting the slopes" of Vail; and no, we don't have a cleaning lady to wash the bathrooms while we trade office gossip over dinners out. But we're not exactly lacking in excitement ourselves. Like the day I taught my child to read and he hugged my neck and said, "Oh thank you, momma! Now I can read the Bible for myself." Or the day my husband carried our sixth child into the waiting arms of her five siblings. That same little girl is now nearly three and just recently realized that seeds really do grow up to be sunflowers. I gotta say, those were pretty exciting days. No match for an office meeting I'm sure. But exciting to us.

They'll be time enough for exciting mountain adventures and oceanside retreats long after our children are grown and gone. After all, they haven't changed much in the last couple hundred years. A few more years won't matter too much. But children are a lot like sunflowers, you blink and they're four inches taller!

And the working world, it'll just have to get along without me I guess. I'm sure there are enough women out there who wouldn't want the drudgery of my life to more than make up for my absence. I'm sure of one other thing too. No secretary or school teacher will ever take my place as wife and mother.

My heart is a home with my family. And my husband, he seems pretty glad he didn't marry a career woman.

So which advice are you going to give your children, Michael's or Elizabeth's?

You can read more about my decision to leave the working world for home at my post, Choosing Home.

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(HT: Biblical Womanhood)

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