Thursday, August 24, 2006

Education in the Free Market

Kim said in a comment under my post, "Someone Forgot to Read Them Their Rights",

A good school sees students and parents as its customers and actually serves them and their needs. Good teachers do value parents and give them a voice in their child's education.
The public schools don't function like the rest of the free market so they will never see the parent as the consumer. By way of analogy, a good and honest proprietor doesn't demand that a customer pay BEFORE they enter the store. And then if they (the consumer) decide to shop somewhere else, the proprietor keeps the money anyway. We are not consumers of education in America. Any other business that did this would be called a thief or an extortionist. There are good teachers, unfortunately they are trapped in a flawed system. If education operated in a truly free market it would serve them and the public so much better.

The article, Enterprising Education: Doing Away with the Public School System provides an excellent discussion on free markets and the paradox of government involvement in education. Here's a peek.

"Despite virtually omnipresent dogma, there is no simple explanation as to why government provision of primary education must be substituted for private alternatives."
The whole article is worth reading and considering. Remember, he who controls the purse, controls the children. Or at least that's what the government wants us to believe. I can't do much about them taking my money, but I don't have to turn over my children.

By the way, a few people told me they were offended by my "New Miranda Rights for Parents." To that I say, If this post offended you, then the Court decision I linked (PDF) to is the real culprit not me. All that "legalese" can get a bit confusing. I only took their decision and made it "readable" to the lay person as a public service to parents. Since I'm not actually a lawyer, I did it free of charge.

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