Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dear Spunky

Over the weekend, I posted a letter from Shannon asking for advice about whether to homeschool her 14 year old daughter. Thanks to all who shared their thoughts and stories. She left a lengthy comment yesterday explaining her situation more fully and at the end said,
At any rate...I will continue to pray about this...BUT I KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT ALREADY. I will do that which I've been CALLED to do as a parent. I will homeschool my children. Thanks again for the insight, wisdom and discernment.-Shannon
Please keep us posted on how things are going Shannon. I'm sure this isn't the final hurdle you will face as you raise your daughter to womanhood, but I think you've made a sound decision. I pray that you will find the wisdom and grace to continue to raise her in the way she needs to go, and that one day she will thank you for your decision.

Monica suggested you read a post I had written a while back, Don't Bend the Wire. It is a conversation between my 14 year old son and I. My son gives his thoughts and a bit of advice to parents raising their teenage children. I hope his words strengthen your resolve, in the same way they have for me.

Two other posts on parenting that may be helpful are Extreme Parenting and The 3R's of Parenting.

Since everyone was so helpful with that question, I thought I'd post another from Lisa,

Hi Spunky,
First I want to say that I love your blog! I have learned a lot just by reading your blog and the comments. Since you have been able to educated me thus far I thought I would put a question to you.

My oldest son is 7 and we have started his "2nd" grade year. He loves to be read to, really likes science, can add and subtract double digits in his head (but struggles with single digits - go figure), he hates to read and write. He understands the reading, it isn't a problem with comprehension or with sounding things out. We have started learning about compound words and he is having a hard time seeing the two smaller words - if I put a line between them then he has no problem sounding it out.

I haven't pushed the reading and writing on his own. We work on phonics and I have him practice his handwriting, but everything else we do orally or I write as he dictates. I feel like I've tried everything to get his interest into reading and writing and it just isn't working. How long do I wait before I should be concerned. I know the benefit of homeschooling is letting kids learn at their own pace, but he often comes home from playing with ps friends saying he is dumb becuase he doesn't know what they know. (He knows a lot of things they don't, but for some reason it doesn't count). If I required the reading and writing his "friends" have to do is ps he would probably feel just as smart, but that isn't even enough of a motivator for him.

I'm headed to the beach for the day. I'll add my thoughts later (if necessary).

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