Saturday, August 12, 2006

At Home with Preschoolers

For those of us going the "unconventional" route and actually raising our own preschoolers, Ann directed me to a website called Preschool and Peace. It's an interesting site, chock full of suggestions and tips for homeschooling moms who have a preschooler to chase while working with their older children. (A post about homeschooling during the preschool years is in the works.)

While reviewing that site, I was led to a another one called Universal Preschool. Lots of good information and links for those concerned about government funded preschool. There is also a blog associated with the website written by Diane Flynn Keith. One of my "favorite" philathropists, Bill Gates, is the current topic of conversation.

Bill Gates Senior - The Preschool Pusher Man
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced on July 10th that they are part of a public-private partnership for universal preschool in Washington state under the despicable name, "Thrive By Five." Nothing about universal preschool causes children to thrive -- in fact, it's more likely to cause a failure to thrive. Gates has formed a public -private universal preschool in Washington State. The initiative is called "Thrive by Five".
First we had Reiner in California, now its Gates in Seattle. Don't these people have anything better to do with their money? Bill Gates recently said,
The business of philanthropy is thinking through the way to change something.It's just this simple: You have some money, and you have some things you'd liketo see different."
Mr. Gates, keep your philanthropy away from our children. Motherhood is God's plan for universal preschool, anything else is just a cheap imitation.

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