Thursday, July 06, 2006

Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work

The next time you hear educators asking for more money, you may want to ask them to show you their school credit card receipts first. The Dallas Morning News went looking into the spending of teachers in the Dallas Intermediate School District, here's what they found;

They're spending on items like this: a $200 blanket and pillow set from The Land of Nod, $1,700 in electric scooters, $200 in moisturizer from Bath and Body Works, and a $24.95 charge to an online dating service, The Dallas Morning News examined school district credit card transactions over 27 months, from January 2004 through March 2006 - a $41.5 million snapshot of district spending. Those and other district records showed that only a fraction of purchase receipts are scrutinized, and thousands of purchases run afoul of DISD policy and state purchasing laws...

Spruce High School teacher Roddrick Warner didn't see anything wrong with his card use, which he said was only for school-related purchases. Over a 14-week stretch beginning Sept. 19, 2004, Mr. Warner spent $2,260.44 on movies, T-shirts, CDs, stereo equipment, candles and food, according to records he provided in response to a public information request from The News. Among his purchases were an iPod bought on Christmas Eve, a vibrating leather seat cushion and a $250 digital photo frame from The Sharper Image. He said all of it was for his classroom and student use.

For the children. It's always for the children. And the dating service? I'm sure that was for the poor guy who couldn't find a date to the prom.

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