Monday, July 10, 2006

Typical Homeschool Questions

John asked some questions in the comments section,

I found your blog through LaShawn's and I wanted to first say, I have no children, I am 23, and I was publicly educated. I consider myself myself fairly well read, and I have some things I'm curious about. Please don't interpret this as any kind of attack on your way(s) of life, just me raising some moral issues I have with home schooling.

1) I can understand that avoiding testing puts the power in your hands, but where's the line on that? Should the government ignore when some people beat the snot out of their kids? (I'm not comparing home schooling to child abuse but I am saying that without ANY government interdiction in the raising of a child, many parents would do just that)

2) Do you worry that without any outside influences you're essentially brainwashing your child? I am different from my parents in many ways including my political beliefs and religious beliefs, they respect that. I got the opportunities to think for myself from the things I learned and the people I met in public school. I have no illusions, I was fortunate and I went to school in a very good school district, but ought a child have the opportunity to think for themselves and make the decisions of where they want the differ from their parents? I ask these things because I fully intend to give my children the best education I can some day, and I think public schools are lacking in many ways, but it seems to me home schooling is in others. My parents effectively shaped me into a useful, moral member of society and managed it without having me in constant proximity. Supper, the evenings and the mornings were sufficient.

I've been away from the computer and haven't had time to get to these, so if anyone would like to share their thoughts go ahead. I'll add my thoughts a little later today.

Update: I ended up spending my afternoon computer time in the park with my husband. (I do have my priorities!) However, many of the commenters have taken the questions and added some excellent thoughts. John has also clarified his question in the comments. It's worth reading. He appears to be more worried about children being taught that there are absolute truths.)

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