Saturday, July 15, 2006

MySpace Civics

Sandra Day O'Connor believes we have a civics crisis in America due to a lack of teaching in the public schools,

"Public schools have pretty much stopped teaching government, civics and American history. ... I truly don't know how long we can survive as a strong nation if our younger citizens don't understand the nature of our government. ... That is something you have to learn. It just isn't handed down in the genetic pool."
How true that is.

And according to some the solution is online communities like MySpace and Runescape.

Social-networking sites like MySpace and MMORPGs take the notion of citizenship outside what the state has defined - a common language, region, etc. Instead, in these online groupings, the members find themselves in communities that are multiracial, multinational, and multilingual. And they can break this into smaller subsections of people they like or [those] with similar interests.

"And young people," he continued, "who have very little idea and notion of the concept of citizenship - it's something that happens to other people - are developing an understanding that there are behaviors that they need to belong to a community: the rules of the game."

God help us if we use the rules of MySpace to determine which behaviors belong in a community!

But if this MySpace idea catches on, do you think we can get rid forced education all together? We're always being told compulsory education is necessary to ensure an educated electorate and perpetuate a democracy. Maybe all we really need is a blog at MySpace.

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