Saturday, July 01, 2006

Mommy Blogger Open Post

The American Thinker wrote about Mommy Bloggers this week and mentioned yours truly. Big thanks to Herb Meyers for recommending my article to them. I'd like to return the favor by recommending his e-book, How to Write. It's available for $1.99. You can read an excerpt here.

Since my site has been hit by many new visitors wondering what all these mommy bloggers have to say, I thought I'd open this blog post up to all the mommy bloggers to share what you're blogging about. Inquiring readers, who are just discovering mommy bloggers, want to know what all the buzz is about.

I'll start things off by sharing a few announcements.

Sallie's is accepting nominations for the Blogs of Beauty Awards.

The Old Schoolhouse is giving away $100 from the Schoolhouse Store.

If your looking for information on unschooling Joanne has the posted the Unschooling Voice, a carnival of unschoolers. (HT: Andrea at Atypical Homeschool)

The Pregnancy Carnival is up.

Kim at Life in a shoe gave birth to number 8 and her first boy. Congratulations.

Please pray a miracle for this precious mommy blogger and her unborn baby, diagnosed with Potter's Syndrome. Her courage is inspirational.

Go ahead and tell us what's on your blog today. You never know who might decide to read it.

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