Friday, July 28, 2006

Government Certified Parenting

Lynn Edwards, outgoing national chair of the Professional Association of Teachers wants compulsory parenting classes for teens in the UK schools before they could LEGALLY become parents. Quoting from the BBC News.

She said many people became parents with little understanding.


"When I came out of the maternity hospital with a little boy on one arm and a little girl on the other, I had no idea how to put on a nappy," Ms Edwards said.

"I found it unacceptable that no one had shown me." As a result, few young people learned how to be "good parents on a practical basis" by watching other family members interacting with their offspring.

So instead of encouraging parents to take responsibility, she wants the state to do it?!? Maybe if we started living life as God intended and let children stay home instead of whisking them off to government run institutions of learning they'd actually learn a few practical skills to go along with the academics. What a novel idea, children learning to parent from their own parents. Oh, but that would require a few more mums to spend more than 19 minutes a day with their children, forget that! Being home would just bore some mums to death.. Thank God for the nanny state! And thank God there are a few sensible English mums, like Libbie, who are willing to blaze a new, make that old trail back to motherhood. Any others?

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