Monday, July 24, 2006

Fan Mail

Normally, I just delete these emails but this one was just too good not to pass on. The writer is responding to the post about Abraham Cherrix.

Dear Spunky

I read what you wrote about how the evil "Government" was taking control of a 16 year-old's life by requiring him to get treatment for cancer. Your response to the issue reeks of your ignorance and sheltered lifestyle. Your kids will probably turn out to be literate and friendly, but also, "weird." Better not ever let them move away from your Amish settlement. ~ J.S.

Detroit the "Amish capital" of the Midwest. Who knew?

If you haven't read up on Abraham's story, you can get all the details in my post here. The parents are supposed to file an emergency appeal with a judge some time today. Please pray for this family.

Al Mohler picks up the story today as well.

What is next? This case sends a chilling signal to America's parents. Christian parents should take special note of this case, for the logic of this court would allow state intrusion into many of the decisions Christian parents make for their own children, ranging from education to discipline.
All the state needs is a charge of neglect and they can step in a make life miserable for parents. Who and what defines neglect? Is a parent's failure to get their child immunized neglect? To some, that and other controversial areas just might be. The definition will keep getting broader as the state seeks greater control over our lives and behavior.

Raymond De Vries, a member of the bioethics program at the University of Michigan had this to say about the Cherrix case,

What should be done in Abraham's situation, according to De Vries, is instead of only considering the boy's age, authorities should assess how well he understands his decision and whether he understands the consequences. Cases like this sometimes boil down to power and authority, De Vries said.

It is a "challenge to [the doctor's] authority when you go away from their suggestion. Their immediate response is, 'No,'" De Vries said.

A website, Abraham's Journey has been set up for updates and donations. There has also been a song written that tells the story here.

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