Monday, July 17, 2006

Dear Spunky

A reader emailed this question,
I'm searching for language arts curriculum for my 10 yr. old; have been going between "Learning Language Arts thru Literature" and "Shurley English." Are you familar with either of these and have an opinion you wouldn't mind sharing with me? Thanks for your encouraging articles. I was actually struggling with deciding to continue hs'ing or send my daughters back to ps and found your comments to inspire me back to hs'ing.
I'm excited to hear that she is sticking with homeschooling. I don't have a opinion (rare occurence I know!) on these curriculums. Does anyone have any thoughts on these or others that she may look into and keep her going strong?

We've used Winston Grammar for our basic grammar with moderate success. A few of my children have also enjoyed Easy Grammar and Easy Writing . I've actually never stressed too much about formal grammar in the lower grades. We've used a lot of good reading to teach writing skills with some dication and narration. I found that all the grammar stuff get's repeated again in the upper grades with much better understanding and a lot less pain.

Until I started blogging I never considered myself a writer. I was more a math person. Two books I've found as an adult that have helped me in my writing are, How to Write and On Writing Well. Educating yourself on how to write well, will help you do a better job with your children. I'm still learning so please forgive any errors in my writing!

Guilt Free Homeschooling had an encouraging post on writing that's worth a read.

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