Friday, July 28, 2006

Blogging News

Blogging Ban: In an effort to fight "anti-nationals" and ideas "against public interest" India has banned most major blog hosts like Blogger and Typepad. (So that's why my sitemeter went down!)

CoComment. Dana at Principled Discovery directed me to a nifty site that will help you keep track of your comments on different blogs. I haven't explored it much yet, but it looks promising.

Are You an Influential Blogger? Adrian Warnock has a put together a list of ways to measure your blogging influence. Interesting thoughts to consider, but in the end just blog what you like to talk about. You'll enjoy yourself and the readers will come who are interested in those topics.

BlogHer in Spirit: Shannon lamented that she couldn't attend the live BlogHer Conference in San Jose, CA, so she's doing the next best thing hosting a virtual BlogHer Convention. Today's topics are audience building and ways to earn money blogging.

New blog in town: Lydia has started a blog Save the Home to support parents of wayward children.

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