Saturday, July 01, 2006

Bad Law vs Bad Parenting

The state of California wants to fine parents who smoke in the car with small children.

One day after the U.S. Surgeon General released the most damning study yet on secondhand smoke, a state Senate committee approved a bill Wednesday that would allow police to stop drivers guilty of puffing in the confines of their car when a child passenger is secured in a safety seat.

There's no excuse in today's society for any mother of any age, or any level of education, to do something which I consider akin to child abuse," said Sen. Deborah Ortiz, D-Sacramento, chair of the Senate Health Committee, which approved the measure.

As much as I deplore cigarette smoke, I hate the thought of the government regulating the personal lives of its citizens even more. Bad parenting is not a good excuse to destroy our freedoms and the right to privacy.

(HT: Joanne Jacobs)

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