Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Where's Dad?

Yesterday, I posted a question from a reader about single parent homeschooling.

There is another "single" parent homeschooler, though not quite as obvious as the true one parent household. That's the homeschooling mom whose husband supports homeschooling, but from a distance. He lives in the same house but shows little interest in what is actually going on in the home. I've met a few women recently who shared their struggle. They don't want to give up homeschooling, but they see no end in sight. I don't think disinterested husbands are unique to homeschool families, but this does present different challenges for the mom.

I've shared my own struggle with this issue, in From Honeymoon to Happy Home. You can read there how God helped me work through some of these issues. It was a difficult transition but we have enjoyed the blessings of a stronger marriage and family life.

If you're struggling with a husband who seems less than interested in his family; pray and pray some more. God will make a way. The solutions may not be exactly what you expect, or the results as quick as you would like; but be blessing to your family will be eternal.

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