Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Universal Failure

California's proposal for universal preschool went down in flames yesterday. Voters overwhelmingly rejected Proposition 82, spearheaded by Rob Reiner.

`It doesn't look good,'' admitted Hollywood director Rob Reiner, who spoke to about 200 supporters at a Los Angeles hotel ballroom shortly after 10 p.m. But he vowed to fight on, saying that the push for universal preschool would not go away. ``This is important, and if it is not today the train has left the station.''
The proposal would have taxed those making over $400,000 a year to allow all one year of paid preschool for all four year olds. And in a few years they'd add the three year olds, and then the two's, and then...

Motherhood is God's plan for universal preschool. Anything else is just a cheap imitation.

To understand the importance of this issue to homeschoolers, read A Weapon of Mass Instruction in The War On Toddlers (HT: Susan at Corn and Oil)

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