Friday, June 23, 2006

Tricks of the Trade

Brandi asked if I could explain the tags on the bottom of each post. Those are search engine tags. They help readers find blogs talking about a specific topic. Services like Technorati or Google Blog Search will pick up the tags in their search engine. That's most likely the way that the Washington Post was able to find my blog. The quickest way I've found to generate the tags is using UltraSeeker Tag Builder.

Here are some others things I do to make blogging easier.

Bloglines. I have used this free service for some time. It allows me to categorize my blog reading. I'm notified when new posts are up at my favorite blogs. This saves me from having to constantly check each blog. I can also flag posts and "keep them new". This allows me to remember posts for future reference if I need it. I can also keep track of comments that way as well.

Google Alerts Google does a lot of my searching for me. They'll watch for key words and email an alert when things come up.

News Feeds. Many of my favorite newspapers also have feeds that will send an alert to my email. I subscribe to the ones that provide me with information on the topics I'm most interested in. I scan them for articles and then file them for future reference.

Spunky Jr. She's my blogging buddy and my oldest daughter. She helps me a lot to keep this site going. I'd be lost without her. Unfortunately, you just can't find help like her at a price you can afford. I'm blessed. She also writes for Regenerate Our Culture and team blogs for Beauty From the Heart.

On a personal note: I began reading blogs nearly three years ago, I never dreamed I'd write one of my own. Now I can't imagine not blogging. It's rewarding on many levels. Occassionally I'll receive an email like this:
Thank you for your Extreme Parenting post. Reading this opened my heart, mind and soul to doing what has to be done in response to a recent issue involving my son. I have printed it and put it in my purse for encouragement as we get thru the next few weeks of more therapy, new rules and structure to our family life, etc.
It's exciting to get noticed by the Washington Post. But honestly it's the time spent with my daughter and emails like one this that make the effort the most rewarding.

If you have any "tricks" to blogging. I'd love to hear them. I'm always looking for new ways to do things and make it even easier.

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