Friday, June 30, 2006

Telling It Like It Is

High school valedictorian, Kareem Elnahal, raised the ire of high school administrators at Mainland Regional High School in Linwood, N.J during his commencement speech. Not because he mentioned God, but for telling his audience exactly what he thought of public education.

[A]t the June 20 commencement, Elnahal told his audience that "the education we have received here is not only incomplete, it is entirely hollow.""[It is] grade for the sake of a grade, work for the sake of work." Elnahal added, according to a transcript of the speech posted on the Press of Atlantic City website. "Ladies and gentlemen, the spirit of intellectual thought is lost," Elnahal said. "I know how highly this community values learning, and I urge you all to re-evaluate what it means to be educated," he concluded before leaving the ceremony without collecting his diploma.
Administrators weren't happy but at least they kept his mic on. I wonder much more of this administrators will tolerate before these speeches go the way of dodge ball and tag.

More commencement censorship: A school in Washington State banned the instrumental version of Ave Maria at its commencements on the grounds that it was too religious. No words were to be sung. One of the seniors is now suing.

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