Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tag! You're Banned!

Dodge ball was hit with a ban years ago. It looks like tag, soccer, and touch football may be next..

Groups such as the National School Boards Association don't keep statistics on school games. But several experts, including Donna Thompson of the National Program for Playground Safety, verify the trend. Dodge ball has been out at some schools for years, but banning games such as tag and soccer is a newer development.

"It's happening more," Thompson says. Educators worry about "kids running into one another" and getting hurt, she says.

What can a child do on the playground that doesn't create the potential for getting hurt? For that matter, everything in school has the potential for harm - from food poisoning in the cafeteria to riding the bus without a seat belt. Why stop at tag? For the good of the children, let's just ban public school.

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