Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Someone's Listening

Yesterday, I encouraged mommy bloggers to keep blogging because you never know who might be reading. Well, one day later, I found out how true that is.

Today's Washington Post provides a recap of what the blogs are saying about Linda Hirshman's op-ed and surprisingly, they devoted some space to my post The Wrath of Stay-at-Home Moms.

Karen Braun, who blogs at spunkyhomeschool.blogspot.com, also criticized Hirshman for admitting that she tuned out some critics. Braun is a college-educated mother of 6 who, as her blog name might suggest, homeschools her children. She notes that it might be possible that the "queen bee" of the working woman has been dethroned by a growing number of little bees busy in the blogosphere and she doesn't like it? Today, the voices of stay at home moms can be heard by anyone willing to click over and read what we're saying...Slowly women are catching a vision, one blog at a time, for what their heart told them was true all along - being a wife and mother is the most lucrative career around."
The Internet is truly an amazing place. Keep on bloggin'. A collection of bloggers working to share information and thoughts without feeling threatened by differences of opinion will serve our society as whole quite well.

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