Thursday, June 22, 2006

So Much For Salt and Light

Brittany McComb's high school valeictorian speech was cut short and her mic turned off by officials. According to the school's legal counsel her speech crossed the line from talk to "preaching" religion.

District legal counsel Bill Hoffman said the regulation allows students to talk about religion, but speeches can't cross into the realm of preaching.

"We review the speeches and tell them they may not proselytize," Hoffman said. "We encourage people to talk about religion and the impact on their lives. But when
that discussion crosses over to become proselytizing, then we to tell students they can't do that."

So what's the difference? Isn't one persons talk another person's proselytizing? How blessed we are to have the "neutral" state and their agents in the schools to help us determine which is which.

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