Friday, June 16, 2006

Scientists say....

I just love it when politicians and policy makers use science for their pet programs. Using the "fact 85 percent of the brain's capacity is developed in the first five years of life" former Michigan superintendant of schools, Tom Watkins, continues the drum beat for state funded preschool.

This scientific fact should make every sensible person take pause and ask, why do we not begin the formal investment in education until a child is five or six years of age? I recall leaving my home a few years back to give a speech on the importance of high quality preschool education and my teenage daughter inquired where I was going. When I told her I was going to give a speech on the value of investing in our youngest kids and that 85 percent of the brain is developed in the first few precious years of life, she looked at me with that "boy, are you old folks stupid" look and responded, "if that is so, why does school not begin for most kids until after that important time has passed, duh?!"

If an inquisitive, snarly teen "gets it," you would think the resources for this critical investment would be flowing like miners seeking their fortune during the California gold rush.

Mr. Watkins, your snarly teen doesn't get it. Her response demonstrates why my children WILL NOT be in a state funded preschool! Unlike you or your daughter, we don't want the state raising our babies during their most critical time! Duh! Even California voters "get it". So why can't you?

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