Monday, June 12, 2006

Political Pandering

Back in February, Washington State declared June 11-17, Homeschool Week.

WHEREAS, The State of Washington recognizes home education as a valuable educational alternative; and

WHEREAS, The importance of parental involvement in children's education and character development is critical; and


WHEREAS, Blah...blah...blah and Rah! Rah! Rah! (you can click here to read the rest.)

How exciting! (Big yawn.)

To me, this is just a bunch of politicans pandering to a growing block of likely voters. If these legislators are seriously pro homeschooling, I'd like to suggest a few changes to their resolution:

WHERE, AS we believe the state exists to serve the the parent, not the parent to the state;

WE DO HERE BY RESOLVE, no longer to require a parent to file a letter of intent with the state. It's none of our business if you decide to homeschool. And to show our complete confidence in your abilities to direct the affairs of your children;

WE DO HERE BY RESOLVE, to remove all qualifications for a parent to teach their own children. In good faith we no longer require that a homeschooling parent either;

1) be supervised by a certified teacher, or 2) have 45 college quarter credit hours or completed a course in home education, or 3) be deemed qualified by the local superintendent.

and to further establish just how much we really do trust you;

WE DO HERE BY RESOLVE to remove the requirement that the parent:
Annually administer and retain a state approved standardized test by a qualified person or have the child evaluated by a certified teacher currently working in the field of education.
When I see a resolution like this, I'll believe that Washington's politicians are seriously pro-homeschooling. Until then whoop dee do.

(HT: Gena)

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