Saturday, June 10, 2006

Pathway to Socialism

A few days ago, I posted on how an idea evolves into an institution. There is no place more obvious than in the government run schools; where bad ideas become national strategies and possibly even the law of the land. The latest idea is "choosing a major" for high schoolers.

As legislators try to curb high school dropout rates, a new trend has emerged: Several states are forcing high schoolers to get a jump-start on their futures by declaring majors.Florida is the most recent state to hop on the trend.

Governor Jeb Bush signed a bill Monday requiring high school students declare a "major area of interest" in order to graduate. The measure is just one part of Governor Bush's sweeping educational-reform program, A++ Plan for Education.

South Carolina already has implemented a plan, Personal Pathways to Success that requires students to declare a major from a career cluster. Even though the plan has no data proving it's success Inez Tenenbaum, state superintendent of education for South Carolina believes other states would "benefit from following South Carolina and Forida's lead."

See what I mean about bad ideas becoming institutions.

Most other states are implement various forms of what Florida calls "Ready to Work". When it was introduced in my state, Michigan, it was known as School-to-Work. But whatever they call this bad idea, it's just a matter of time before all 50 states have a credentialing system in place. This isn't a "Personal Pathway to Success", it's the state's "Pathway to Socialism."

Don't be fooled into thinking this reform package won't affect homeschoolers either. It will.

For those that believe that public education can be reformed, keep in mind, so do a few others. And they're doing their best to reform them. The schools are agents in the best interest of the state, not educators in the best interest of the child. It's none of the state's business what my child wants to be when they grow up!

For more information on where this is all headed, you can read.

Pick Your Major
Teach to the Test, Please

For those who have been reading my blog for a while, this may be old news. But I feel it is necessary to keep informing new people who happen to stumble across my blog what's going on in education reform. So what do you think of the government's "good idea"?

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