Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Parading Through My Email

While our family has been parading through town this weekend, I've had a parade of things pass through my inbox. Here's a peek at both.

The Carnival of Homeschooling has gone to the birds thanks to Gary at Homeschool Buzz.

For those who liked Fridge Frames, they will be on QVC today at 2PM with a special offer. Two frames for under $20. I posted about them here.

Immunizatiotions A new vaccine, Gardasil, has been developed for the prevention of HPV; the leading cause of cerival cancer in women. That sounds well and good. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially where cancer is involved. But there's one hitch, the success of the vaccine depends on women getting the vaccine before they become s*xually active and possibly infected with the virus. Some want to the vaccine to be a mandatory requirement for middle school girls. No thanks, I think we'll abstain. (Thanks to Moe for sending me the link.)

Speaking of abstinence, purity rings are very popular. Should school girls be forced to take off their purity rings because of a dress code? For some girls in the UK the choice is to remove the ring or miss lessons.

A few people have emailed and asked how much time I spend preparing for Tapestry of Grace. That's a difficult question to answer. I plan the unit ahead of time which takes a few hours. Then weekly I go over what each child should be reading and doing. There is also a weekly library run for books as well. Because we school year round, I don't mind spending extra weeks on some topics. So some weeks, it seems like I spend a lot of time preparing and other weeks hardly any at all. Since this curriculum was new to me this year, I also spent more time in the first few weeks than I do now that I know how it works. I hope that answers the question. I am planning on doing a year end round up on how Tapestry of Grace has worked for us since I often get emails about our curriculum.

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