Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Nothing Resolved

Southern Baptists Won't Consider Public School "Exit Strategy"

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Leaders of the nation's largest Protestant denomination declined Wednesday to forward to the full Southern Baptist Convention a resolution urging the creation of a strategy for removing Southern Baptist children from public schools in favor of home schooling or education at private schools.

The "exit strategy" proposal, offered by Roger Moran of Troy, Mo., and Texas author Bruce Shortt, came as many Southern Baptists are concerned about how classrooms are handling subjects such as homosexuality and "intelligent design."

But the SBC's resolution's committee instead decided to urge members to "engage the culture of our public school systems" by exterting "godly influence," declining to put Moran and Shortt's proposal before delegates to the SBC's annual meeting.

I'm sure they'll be back proposing this again next year. I applaud both men for challenging all Christians to consider our decisions as parents. It sure helped make for some interesting blogging too!

I'm curious, why do the Baptists need these resolutions anyway? If a pastor thinks there should be an "exit strategy" is he prohibited from saying so until a resoluton passes? Do Baptist parents make their decisions based on the SBC? The politics of religion is an interesting study. By the way, I'm not the only blogger who's wondering about this.

In other SBC news:

Bloggers are credited with electing the new SBC President, Dr. Frank Page.

For those who follow the internal politics of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) somewhat less avidly than the NBA playoffs or even the World Cup, perhaps the most interesting news out of their annual meeting, held this week in Greensboro, N.C., is that bloggers elected a president.
Someone should write a book about how they did it. I humbly suggest the title, An Army of Baptists with a forward by none other than Glenn Reynolds of course.

Blogging is truly changing the way we do business and run churches isn't it? Hopefully, we'll help change the way we educate in this country too.

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