Monday, June 05, 2006

Lord, Please Meet Me In the Laundry Room

"God couldn't be everywhere at once, so he made mothers." ~ Barbara Curtis.

Much has been written in a variety of media about feminism and the "Mommy Wars." . A new book Lord, Please Meet Me in the Laundry Room by Barbara Curtis shares her personal struggle from radical feminism to a humble mother of 12 children. She does so without all the bitterness that often comes from so many other authors on this subject.

The book doesn't preach against the evils of feminism. Nor is it a self help book about how to be a better mother. Dear Lord, Please Meet Me in the Laundry Room is a personal narrative meant to guide the reader into looking at life from a different perspective; God's perspective. It's about finding the joy of motherhood amidst the chaos of raising a family. Barbara candidly shares her own struggles striving to be a perfect mother. Everything from baking the perfect cake for the school contest, to the realization that God doesn't demand perfection but simply joyful obedience - even if your cake doesn't come in first place.

Barbara's book is easy to read and hard to put down. She'll make you laugh as you relate to the "genetic trait" of boys leaving rolled up socks around the house, or arriving for a Les Miserable on the wrong day. And you'll shed a few tears as she shares the delight in her young Down Syndrome son, who believes mommy can order snow off the internet!

Barbara and I grew up in very different worlds. I was not abused or abandoned as a child. I did not dabble in new age philosophy or move across the country. She has a dozen children, I have half that many. She has used public, private, and homeschooling to educate her children. Yet, I found myself shaking my head in understanding many times as I related to her story.

Barbara's book is one I can confidently give to new moms, seasoned veterans, moms of one, and moms of many. All will come away inspired by the truths she shares, and humbled by our calling as mothers. I think this quote from Barbara said it best,
Sometimes in the daily grind, I lose sight of the fact that motherhood is not something God has burdened me with but something He has blessed me with.
I'm thankful for mothers like Barbara who gently remind me to look for God's blessings everywhere, even in the laundry room.

Barbara Curtis also has a blog, Mommy Life. She encourages and challenges women daily to become the women God intended us to be.

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