Thursday, June 08, 2006

If You Give Someone An Idea...

A 12 Step Plan For Institutional Living

1. Someone gets an idea.

2. Someone decides to act on his idea and do something.

3. Someone else observes someone's idea and decides to do something too.

4. Someone and someone else link arms and do something together.

5. Together they form the Something Group.

6. The Something Group experiences great success doing something.

7. Someone #1 writes the Something Book about doing something.

8. Someone #1 goes on Oprah and talks about the Something Book.

9. Something Groups emerge all over the country.

10. The Something Movement is born.

11. The Something Movement gets organized and becomes the Institute of Something (secular), The First Church of Something (religious), or worse the Department of Something (Government).

12. Disillusioned with the whole organization, someone gets an idea.

If someone doesn't do something about this soon, we're all destined to be institutionalized.

So, does anyone have any ideas?

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