Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Voice of Experience

This comment was left by Bill, a middle school principal, under my post, Can the Public Schools be fixed? It's too good to leave in just a comment box so I bumped it up.

Hi Spunky. I've read your blog occasionally with interest and this is my first response. Can public education be fixed? It has become the venue of the pagan and the sanctuary of the loathsome. It is primarily the place where students learn first their "socialized status" and its implications in the pecking order of peers. Academics come only after a sense of "social survival" occurs in the being of the child. Innocence is diminished and another culture develops in the mind of the child separate to the culture fostered at home. It is a culture of survival. Students respond differently, whether with power or prowess amongst their peers, or hiding in a sub-group that provides protection from the unwanted.

Can a system that forces this to happen to the child be fixed? Should it? How often, I don't know, a parent has told me that the child I described to them is not their own, until confronted with irrefutable evidence, followed by disbelief, tears, and cries for help.

The system as it exists forces a separation in the family whose multi-faceted wounds are difficult, if not impossible, to heal. What the system needs is fixing, like you do to an animal that you don't want to reproduce.

These thoughts of mine are from the inside of the system. I'm a middle school principal, but not for much longer. I'm making a life change and with my wife and 5 kids headed for seminary. If I can, by God's grace, help families recover from this system's inflictions and better yet, help families to avoid this system altogether, well, I believe their lives, again by God's grace, will be better for it. Someday, maybe, I'll start a blog. For now, well, I'll encourage anyone I can to avoid public education and seek God's grace to raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

I wonder what our Baptist minister might say to this principal? On second thought, I don't really care. Bill, you've inspired me to continue seeking the Lord and obey HIS truth. May God continue to bless you and your family.

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